Hello, all travellers and explorers!

  • Have you ever ended up sleeping in an awkward position, – on the way home from work, – on long travels, – or when taking a nap at unfamiliar places?

As a frequent traveller in the finance industry I found that few of the existing head- and neck-pillows gave my neck muscles the support necessary to avoid a stiff neck.

I solved my own problem by inventing a pillow suitable for both travelling and leisure activities. I started off by curling a scarf to a circle – simulating what you do when you braid your fingers behind your head. 

A local tailor helped me make the first samples. She had a keen eye to fabric, design, size, weight and comfort. A marketing expert assisted in development of logo and trademark. Next, a clever agent helped me find factory, fabrics and packing necessary to introduce a finished product to the market. I made 20 samples, called it “Pillow”, and gave a copy to friends and family for feedback.

We ended up with this comfortable and stylish design:

  • Pillow is small enough to bring in your purse on a daily commute. 

Size is 24*5 cm (like an adult hand) and weight is 115g (less than a smartphone). It has a round shape, is open in the middle, and is used to lean the head on (as opposed to those around the neck). It is comfortable and supporting for your head while leaned in several different positions. 

  • Pillow is versatile and allows for alternative use

If bent over to the shape of a banana, Pillow will offer additional head/neck support while reading or resting. Above all, the banana shape adds comfort when your seat has an uneven structure or a inbuilt head-pad.

Pillow is suitable at the beach while sunbathing. Just place the Pillow under your head where the surface is hard, or where the sunbed has no head support. 

Pillow is also an excellent lower back support if your seat is uncomfortable during travel, leisure, work or sleep.

  • Ease of transport is imperative.

The neck-strap is useful for transport, either you carry the Pillow in your hand, around your neck, or attach it to the luggage. However, you may decide simply to put your hand through the Pillow and reach for your luggage while it rests on your wrist as a bracelet.

  • Hygiene is essential to something as close to your face. 

The fabric does not attract dirt, and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Pillow does not soak water and dries in a minute.

  • You can personalize your own Pillow.

You can add or remove nylon fiber filling to your personal desire of balance between softness and firmness of the Pillow. 

  • Pillow is offered in 5 different colours.

Pillow is offered in five warm colours (see below). They are all discrete and attracts a minimum of attention while in use or carried along.

From top and down:
Blue, Green, Orange, Beige, Grey-Brown

  • Covers are offered in good-looking fabrics and colours. 

The cover adds an extra layer of hygiene while in transit or when used in places where you really do not wish for direct contact. The cover will room your phone, keys, sun glasses and other smaller items while the Pillow is in use.

Nylon cover – excellent for outdoor enthusiasts
Velvet cover – for higher personal comfort

We really hope the product design and features will attract your interest and support!